See the world

I was talking to my friend on the phone when she told me I had to get out of town. "People kill to have to take a trip in the middle of their careers!" she said. I'd suggested a visit to her town. She suggested I get out of the country. I listened to her.

Debbie and I went on a boat tour of the archipelago in Sweden.

Debbie and I went on a boat tour of the archipelago in Sweden.

Then I turned to social media.

Suddenly, given the time and a little extra money to take a trip, I couldn't decide where to go. Suggestion from Facebook were for spots all over the world. Then another friend reminded me about how much she loved her trip to Denmark a couple years ago. Scandinavia sounded nice and cool for a July trip, so an idea started to form. My friend Debbie also quickly volunteered to join me on a trip to Copenhagen and suddenly it was on. 

I threw in a stop to Stockholm first, because it's been on my list to visit for awhile, mostly due to my deep love of 2000s Swedish indie pop (yeah, it's a weird reason, I know).

So in July Debbie and I got on a plane for 10 days in Denmark and Sweden. Stockholm was quiet — the people, the city, everything, but it was beautiful. Copenhagen had amazing food and party vibe. We talked to strangers, we got a little lost and we had cocktails by the water. That's pretty much all I want in a vacation.

When we returned to America, I think we were both ready to get back to our lives. I feel like I've turned a page and wound down from my previous job. I'm ready to dive into my next adventure and make the move to Seattle. But not before I make a trip to Maine...