I have won monthly story slams in both York and Lancaster Counties. They feature true, first-person stories like the storytelling events The Moth has made popular. In November I was shocked to win the York Story Slam Grand Slam, featuring the best storytellers from the monthly story slams. I also did a Pecha Kucha presentation about my journalism career at York: Crafted in August.

The ten winners from our 2017 open mic story slam series returned to compete in our Grand Slam for the title of Best Storyteller in York. Eileen talked about going to concerts in the glory days of grunge music. Our theme for the evening was Glory Days. Learn more at yorkstoryslam.com.
They may be the "enemy of the American people," but usually they just want to go home at the end of a long day. Being a journalist these days takes skill, flexibility and a constant willingness to learn. Eileen will talk about the ups and downs in her career as a journalist and what lies ahead.
Eileen Joyce got a great email address. Hilarity ensues. The theme of the night was Small World. Learn more at LancasterStorySlam.com.